Creative Ways to Expand Your Custom Pizza Menu

Using a choose-your-own-toppings model can make it easy for customers to choose the perfect meal to suit their taste buds. However, there are lots of ways to expand on this idea to make your menu exciting and provide customers with more choices when ordering. Here are some ideas to consider implementing to make your pizza restaurant stand out from the competition. Topping Price Tiers Some pizza restaurants may offer a limit on toppings included in the price of a pizza. [Read More]

Four Mexican Dishes To Try At A Sit-Down Mexican Restaurant

In the U.S., when people think of Mexican food, they typically think of tacos and burritos. Indeed, these creations are delicious, and they are really convenient to enjoy at takeout restaurants and food stands. If you happen to visit a sit-down Mexican food restaurant, though, there are some other dishes you should try in order to expand your understanding of Mexican cuisine. Chalupa If you love tacos and would rather try something similar your first time around, then order a chalupa. [Read More]

Are You Hosting A Texas-Themed Barbecue For Your Parent's Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary?

If your parents are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this fall, maybe you have decided to host a Texas-themed barbecue event because your folks are from Texas. Or, maybe you just know that Texas is famous for its barbecue. No matter the scenario, read on for some ideas that might help you to make the fiftieth-anniversary party a whole lot of fun.  Start by sending out clever party invitations. For instance, stick figures of your mom and dad wearing cowboy duds would set a fun Texas mood for the event. [Read More]

Tips For Eating Healthier At A 24-Hour Diner

A person's schedule can vary from day to day or week to week, so eating during regular mealtimes may not always be possible. Whether you're on a long road trip, you get off work late at night, or you need something to eat after going out with friends on the weekend, visiting a 24-hour diner is an excellent solution. When many people think of 24-hour diners, they picture food and drink choices that are not exactly known for being healthy, such as deep-fried foods or food high in fat and calories. [Read More]