Are You Hosting A Texas-Themed Barbecue For Your Parent's Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary?

If your parents are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this fall, maybe you have decided to host a Texas-themed barbecue event because your folks are from Texas. Or, maybe you just know that Texas is famous for its barbecue. No matter the scenario, read on for some ideas that might help you to make the fiftieth-anniversary party a whole lot of fun. 

Start by sending out clever party invitations. For instance, stick figures of your mom and dad wearing cowboy duds would set a fun Texas mood for the event. Another idea would be to send an invitation with a picture of your mom and dad on their wedding day. The caption could say something like "Celebrate With Us, Y'all!"

Guests will be coming for three things. They're coming to honor your mother and father, to have fun, and to enjoy a delicious meal.

A Barbecue Event Catering Service

Start by calling an event catering service that specializes in barbecues. You'll want to establish the logistics of the party first. 

The agent you speak with will want to know approximately how many people you have invited to the celebration. They will have the experience to calculate just how many people will actually attend. Obviously, the agent will want to know the location, time, and date of the fiftieth-anniversary event.

In addition, they will want to know at what time you'll want the workers to serve the meal. In other words, even if the party starts at four o'clock in the afternoon, you might not want the meal served until five or even a bit later.

Plan The Barbecue Menu With The Caterer

You'll want lots of choices and enough for people to have second helpings.

A typical Texas barbecue will start with meats like chicken, sausage, beef ribs, pulled pork, and, most important, brisket.

Sides to go with the barbecued meats might include potato salad, creamed corn, Cole slaw, green beans cooked with tomatoes and bacon, and cornbread or plain white sliced bread. The caterer might throw in some surprises like stuffed jalapeƱos and Texas caviar, which is really spicy pickled black-eyed peas.

Plenty of sweetened and unsweetened ice tea and bottled water will be perfect for the drinks.

You'll probably want a wedding cake to commemorate the anniversary. In addition, think of offering extra desserts like banana pudding, cherry cobbler, and pecan pie.

 An old-fashioned square dance for the party's entertainment would be perfect. Have somebody prepared to teach the guests how to do the Texas Two-step for added fun.

For more information, contact a barbecue event catering service.