Creative Ways to Expand Your Custom Pizza Menu

Using a choose-your-own-toppings model can make it easy for customers to choose the perfect meal to suit their taste buds. However, there are lots of ways to expand on this idea to make your menu exciting and provide customers with more choices when ordering. Here are some ideas to consider implementing to make your pizza restaurant stand out from the competition.

Topping Price Tiers

Some pizza restaurants may offer a limit on toppings included in the price of a pizza. Any toppings above that price can result in a significant up-charge, which might make people less likely to truly customize their pizza. Instead of this basic pricing model, consider creating topping price tiers to encourage creative customization. You can choose a base price for two toppings and add tiers for every additional two toppings. When you market this menu idea, provide examples customers might want to choose for each tier. Don't be afraid to get extreme with the number of tiers you offer. While most customers might not select a 10-topping pizza, this option can provide a fun marketing tool, challenging your guests to choose an extreme pizza with a mountain of meat and veggie toppings

Individual Custom Pizzas

One challenge you might face with a choose-your-own-toppings model is the different tastes of customers. A family of four might have very different ideas about the toppings they love to eat. Consider offering customizable individual pizzas to cater to families or parties with differing tastes. You can even create two different sizes of personal pizzas to accommodate a children's menu. As with your regular-size pizzas, you can create topping price tiers for individual portions to encourage creativity and customization.

Loaded Side Dishes

If you offer garlic bread, breadsticks, or other similar side dishes, consider extending your topping options to these menu items as well. Customers can have fun adding cheese, bacon, pepperoni, or even hot peppers to their breadsticks. The result is a savory side dish or appetizer that might be just as satisfying as the main course. Because this idea might be relatively new to some customers, consider adding menu ideas and pictures to provide an idea of what to expect when ordering.

With a menu based so heavily on topping choices, it might be a good idea to dedicate a separate menu page to the different toppings available. Consider adding a small description to explain the delicious features of each topping, such as the flavor profile, size of the slice, and suggested pairings. If your restaurant offers online ordering, be sure to add a separate web page to celebrate your expansive topping menu.

Make your pizza restaurant stand out today by offering customized pizza options.