Planning A Big Birthday Milestone Celebration? Plan Your Dive Bar–Hopping And Nightly Activities Responsibly

Are you planning a huge birthday party for a monumental milestone? Do you want to get a large group of people to go out on the town? This can be fun and easy, especially if you don't want to entertain at your home, but you have to put the effort into planning the party accordingly.

You want to be sure that the locations you want to go to will be open and ready and that you have a plan to keep everyone together. Here are some of the must-do items to arrange in advance.

Schedule Diner or Sports Bar Reservations

Get reservations if you can for the diner or sports bar you plan to get everyone together at so there are no long waits or problems with seating when you get there. If they don't do reservations but accept call-ahead notifications, tell them to put it down and that you will call again the day that you plan to bring everyone. This can help them set up seating and staffing in advance. Scheduling locations that have food allows people to snack and eat as needed. If you are hitting dive bars and small places, they may need the notice to accommodate serving all the drinks quickly.

Plan the Transportation

The last thing you need for the evening is to worry about people getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking, especially if you plan to be on the go. Look into getting a limousine, taxi van, trolly, or some other type of ride service to accommodate people. This way, no one is stuck with the responsibility of driving, and you don't have to worry about the people closest to you behind the wheel when they are drunk.

Have an End Plan

If people are coming from out of town, you may want to block some hotel rooms so everyone can stay together, or you may want to arrange a final meeting place for food or one last drink. Talk with the group about the plan and where to have everyone meet up at the end of the night if they all get separated.

There are a lot of different things that you can do to help make the night fun, like scavenger hunts and other games. Just be sure to plan out all the details in advance so the night can run smoothly and safely for the big celebration.