How To Customize And Upgrade Frozen Pizzas

Frozen pizza makes a fast, easy meal when you are on-the-go or in the middle of a busy day. The good news is that you don't have to sacrifice taste or even nutrition for convenience, as you can upgrade the frozen lunch or dinner using a variety of fresh, and in some cases, gourmet ingredients. 

When customizing a frozen pizza, it may be best to stick with a plain cheese one, but classic toppings such as pepperoni sausage can make good starting points as well. To save time, you can use leftovers or pre-cooked vegetables to enhance the frozen pie. If you're planning a special event and are strapped for cash, short on time, or both, customized frozen pizzas may make ideal lunch or dinner menu additions. Not only will they appeal to the majority of your guests, from kids to adults, but you can also prepare the toppings in advance. Make sure to include a few meatless pizzas for the vegetarians in the group!

Enhanced frozen pizzas will work for almost any type of event, including kids' and adults' birthday bashes, casual holiday parties, graduation and anniversary celebrations, bridal and baby showers, and even relaxed wedding receptions.

Here are some customized frozen pizza ideas to get you started:

1. Extra Cheese 

One of the simplest ways to upgrade a freezer section pizza is by adding extra cheese. You can either stick with traditional shredded mozzarella or go with more gourmet fresh mozzarella instead. As a creative twist, try shredded pepper jack cheese for a spicy kick. Other types of cheese to add include smoked provolone, Havarti, and cheddar. Sprinkle a combination of cheeses on the frozen pizza for even more flavor.

2. Hawaiian Style

For a pizzeria-worthy pie, consider customizing your frozen pizzas with canned pineapple rings or chunks, along with thinly sliced Canadian bacon or ham. Shredded barbecue chicken and pineapple is another topping combination. Sprinkle fresh cilantro over the top of the pizza when it's done. 

3. Fresh Veggies 

Treat your family to a healthy weekday or weekend dinner by loading your frozen pizza with fresh vegetables from your garden or a local farmers market. Start with any type of vegetables, such as tomatoes, eggplant, squash, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, mushrooms, or bell peppers, and then saute them until thoroughly cooked.

Place any combination of veggies on top of the frozen pizza prior to baking. You can add extra cheese and even cooked meat as well if you desire. To learn more, contact a restaurant like Scittino's Italian Market Place