How To Make Italian Restaurant–Quality Tomato Sauce

At a good Italian restaurant, it's all about the red sauce. It has such a richness and such balance of flavor that you have a hard time not pouring it over everything and dunking your bread in it. Have you tried making tomato sauce at home but had trouble getting similar results? Here are some tips to help you make restaurant-quality tomato sauce in your own kitchen. 1. Use good-quality tomatoes [Read More]

Have Your Patrons Choose Their Own Pricing During Your Happy Hour Promotion

Reduced prices are the norm during a bar or restaurant's daily happy hour. Patron love happy hour at restaurants like Vito's in the Valley. You can take this promotion a step further by offering your patrons the opportunity to choose their own pricing. You can structure this idea in a number of ways, and this approach to a happy hour promotion should create a significant amount of buzz in your area. Hopefully, this will mean that your seats are full each day when happy hour begins. [Read More]

Are You Planning A Special Birthday Celebration For Your Daughter?

Is your daughter having an extra-special birthday? Perhaps she is excited to be turning ten years old, finally having two digits in her age. Or, maybe your daughter is turning thirteen years old, thrilled to be a teenager. Sweet sixteen is for sure a reason to celebrate, as is turning twenty-one years old. Whatever your daughter's upcoming age, if you are planning a special birthday celebration for her, from sending out clever invitations to buying a custom birthday cake, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan an unforgettable event for the daughter who will always be Daddy's Girl. [Read More]

Private Dining: 3 Services To Offer Guests

Private dining rooms inside of your restaurant provide a way to maximize sales by offering custom dining and party packages. To make your restaurant's private dining space stand out from the rest, you'll want to offer unique services to your customers. These services can help expand sales while also making your restaurant a desirable venue to book for everything from rehearsal dinners to anniversary celebrations. Here are a few services to consider offering for your private dining space. [Read More]