Options Your Customers Will Appreciate When They Order Customized Pizza

Everyone's got an opinion on pizza, and one of the best ways to avoid conflicts when ordering is to provide customized pies made specifically to each person's taste. But it's not just the toppings, cheese, sauce, and crust that you need to customize. There are a number of related issues that will help your customers make the pizza pie of their dreams.

Offer a Personal Size

Customized pizza can take so many different forms that you may feel like you have to restrict the choices somewhere along the line. For a lot of restaurants, those restrictions often target pizza size, with many places offering a standard small/medium, large, and extra-large. Make sure you offer a personal size. Not just a small, but a personal pizza that someone can grab for lunch without wondering how they'll finish it all and store it when they head back to work. As people try to control their calorie intake and portion sizes, having the option of getting a lunch, plate-sized pizza can actually be a relief. Set yourself apart and offer those personal sizes.

Go Into Detail on the Menu

Customizing a pizza doesn't have to be complicated, but some restaurants do make the process complicated by assuming everyone already knows what different sauces and crusts are like. White sauce? Not everyone knows what's in that. Red sauce? What if someone's allergic to a certain spice? Go into detail on the menu. Even if you have separate sections or menu boards for definitions and for the items customers can order, if you give them succinct details, they'll have a better idea of what they want. The details don't have to be fancy. Just let them know what your thin crust is like versus your pan-pizza crust. Let them know what your sauces are made of so no one ends up assuming what they ordered is just like what they had at another restaurant that uses a different recipe.

Keep Coupon Expiration Dates Reasonable

If you offer coupons or deals, make the expiration dates and times reasonable, such as having a coupon that's good until just before midnight on the day it expires. Some restaurants try to give people deals or coupons that expire a certain number of 24-hour days from when they download or print the coupon, meaning that the coupon could expire in the middle of the afternoon. That's an unpleasant surprise for both the restaurant and the customer. If the coupons and deals you have expire as the calendar date is actually ending, that's going to be a lot easier to work with.

Visit a restaurant today to buy a customized pizza.