Asian-Inspired Event Menu Ideas

If you're planning a special event and can't decide on a menu, you can narrow down your options by deciding on a cuisine type. Not only will an Asian food-inspired menu appeal to a wide range of guests of all ages, but it will also give your event an exotic touch. 

Since Asian cuisine is so versatile and encompasses a wide range of food items, it's appropriate for almost any type of special event or occasion. Some types include kids' and adults' birthday celebrations, corporate and family holiday get-togethers, bridal and baby showers, anniversary soirees, class reunions, and wedding rehearsals or receptions. 

After you've chosen an event menu cuisine, you'll need to decide whether you'll be making the appetizers, main courses, and desserts yourself or if you'd like to hire a local Asian restaurant to do it for you. Before having an eatery cater the party, find out if they serve a set event menu or if you can customize it by picking and choosing specific food items. Be sure to include options, such as vegetarian entrees, to cater to all of your guests' preferences.

Following are some Asian-inspired menu ideas to consider for your next special event:


1. Spring or Egg Rolls

Fried spring or egg rolls are quintessential Asian appetizers and can easily be customized. Ask the caterer to include rolls filled with a variety of ingredients, such as pork, shrimp, or just vegetables. Serve the spring and/or egg rolls on a platter accompanied by sweet and sour sauce. 

2. Crab Rangoons

Crab rangoons are another fried wonton wrapper-based Asian appetizer that can be enjoyed with sweet and sour sauce. Filled with cream cheese and either imitation or real crab meat, rangoons make a delicious start to any meal. To make them appropriate for vegetarians, fill the rangoons with sour cream. 

Main Courses 

1. Fried Rice

If you want to serve a large group of guests in an easy, family-style manner, set up buffet tables filled with different types of fried rice. Some ideas include pork, chicken, or seafood fried rice, which is typically filled with scallops or shrimp or a combination of both. Vegetarian fried rice is generally full of vegetables, such as peas, carrots, and onions, as well as eggs.

2. Rice Bowls

Invite guests to make their own rice bowls filled with fresh, healthy ingredients. Start with either sticky rice or greens or a combination of both, and add toppings, such as seared tuna, shrimp, tofu, carrots, ginger, pea pods, and even pineapple. Party-goers can top their bowls with teriyaki sauce, miso dressing, sesame oil, or soy or ponzu sauce.