Food For Thought: Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

You have probably heard the old adage, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day". The truth is, it is. You spend the rest of your day eating regular meals to keep your energy up and your body functioning. When you sleep at night to recharge your body and brain, your body is starving. At no other time of the day do you typically go without food for eight to twelve hours. As you chow down on eggs, bacon, toast with jam, cereal, fruit and a wide variety of breakfast foods at a breakfast diner, here is some more food for thought on the subject of breakfast.

As You Sleep

As you sleep, your body is using up its stores of water to process toxins through the liver, digest your last meal, and filter your blood. It is the number one reason why you wake up thirsty and wake up with a dry mouth filled with morning breath. You are dehydrated and need to hydrate.

Since your last meal was somewhere between eight and sixteen hours ago, depending on when you eat supper and whether or not you are a late night snacker, your body is starving. Most people think that a starving body goes after fat stores until you can get something to eat. Unfortunately, that is not entirely true. Your body only goes after fat stores after it has consumed protein stores (i.e., your muscles). This has been proven time and again in patients with anorexia and bulimia. Ergo, the first two things you need to do right away in the morning is drink water and eat something.

Prolonging Starvation

Skipping breakfast causes your body to jump into starvation salvation mode. This is a period where your body thinks it will not be getting another meal anytime soon. So, it refuses to metabolize fat, which is more complicated to metabolize, and goes after muscle and other tissues loaded with easily digested protein. Even if you eat a protein bar (which is actually ideal), your body reverts back to its normal regulation of digestion and metabolic state. Additionally, your body may amp up the cravings to eat whatever it can get, causing you to binge eat on whatever you find, which is usually not healthy food.

What You Should Eat and Order at a Diner

If you frequently go out for breakfast (many single people do), order some protein to help restore any muscle your body may have already tried to consume. Eat some carbohydrates, but make them whole grain, like whole wheat toast, to give you a slow release of energy and not jack up your insulin right away. Finally, eat some fruit. Your body is starving for the vitamins and fiber in fruit. Do not forget to drink plenty of water.

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