Lactose Intolerant? Order These Things At Your Local Pizza Restaurant

Having an intolerance to lactose means that you'll need to keep dairy products off your plate, but this food intolerance doesn't meant that you'll have to stop eating at your favorite local pizza restaurant. While you may develop uncomfortable side effects, such as a sore stomach and bloating if you consume a regular pizza, many pizzerias offer a wide range of other products that will satisfy those with lactose intolerance. If you're curious about the ingredients of any of the foods at your local restaurant, check the online nutritional information or ask your server. Otherwise, here are some things that you'll be safe to order.

Pizza With Dairy-Free "Cheese"

Given the number of people who suffer from some degree of lactose intolerance, many pizza restaurants have made menu changes. You may be able to order your favorite pizza, but instead of being topped with traditional mozzarella, it has dairy-free "cheese" as a topping. This topping isn't actually cheese. Dairy-free "cheese" is often made from a combination of oils, flours, and flavoring that can give it a color, taste, and texture that is somewhat similar to regular cheese. The availability of this product is a welcome change for those who have been previously unable to enjoy pizza in restaurants.


Many pizza restaurants have branched out to offer alternatives to pizza on their menus. If you enjoy pasta, there may be several varieties that may entice you. While you'll need to stay away from pasta with sauce that includes cheese such as Alfredo sauce, you can enjoy spaghetti with marinara sauce, for example. This tomato-based sauce does not customarily include dairy products, so eating it won't affect your lactose intolerance.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are customarily a safe bet for those with lactose intolerance — and that's good news, because many pizzerias have several varieties of chicken wings on their menus. Typically, barbecue-style sauces are safe for those with lactose intolerance. You may find some flavors of wings that have cheese — for example, dry-rubbed wings that are dusted with Parmesan cheese. Fortunately, this type of cheese is known for its low lactose content, which means that you may be able to eat it without any trouble.

Side Orders

There's no harm in ordering up a handful of side orders that some people may get to accompany their pizza, but that you can enjoy as a meal. Chicken tenders, fried pickles, fries, and other such side orders don't typically contain dairy products, so they'll be safe for you to eat. You'll want to stay away from jalapeno poppers, however, as they're loaded with cheese.

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