5 Random Sports Bar Events to Enjoy after the Super Bowl Ends

Once the Super Bowl is over and the NFL season has officially ended, there seems to be a lull in the sports world until baseball season starts. This may deter you from hanging out at sports bars, celebrating games, and enjoying meals with other sports fans. Inside of waiting for the sports schedule to pick up again, though, there are plenty of events you can still enjoy at the bar. By attending these events, you can have a great meal and may even get into a new sport that you never really watched before. Browse through five different events that you can watch at your local sports bar during the late winter and spring months.

Track Cycling World Championships

Get a jump on some events featured in the summer Olympics by enjoying the Track Cycling World Championships. The championships are held annually and feature some of the best cyclists from all over the world. The races are all held on oval tracks that the bikes race around at extremely high speeds. It's like a smaller version of NASCAR as the bikes weave and make their ways across steep inclines. There are eleven different types of races at the event, including three-lap sprint tracks, time trials, and team races. Once you start watching the races, you can see the intensity and competition that goes into them.

When you're dining at a sports bar, a number of channels should air these races. Look for coverage on the Universal Sports channel or NBC.

The Grand National Horse Race

Before the Kentucky Derby rolls around in May, you can see horses race in the Grand National Horse Race. The race is held in England annually, and it typically takes place in the beginning of April. Instead of just a straight race, the Grand National kicks things up a notch. As horses race around the track, they must navigate and jump over 30 small fences. The added obstacles can actually make this race more exciting than the Kentucky Derby. It has an unpredictable factor and some intense moments as the horses jump.

It's hard to find this race on a typical television package, so it's ideal to watch it at a sports bar where the owners may have access to horse racing channels like TVG2.

Rodeo Champions Challenge

The late winter and early spring is the kickoff of a whole new rodeo season. Watch the intensity as rodeo riders hop on bulls and see how long they can last. During the early spring months, you can typically watch a tour of champions. These tours feature the best rodeo riders from across the globe competing for a shot at prizes and event wins. The rodeo events are great to watch at a bar, because the actual rides only lasts for a limited amount of time. Once the rider is tossed, you can easily go back to socializing, eating, or drinking. The pacing works out well and provides a lot of entertainment.

Poker Tournaments

The world of poker really heats up in the first four months of the year. Tournaments and buy-ins get a lot bigger as players prepare and try to win money for entry in the summer's World Series of Poker. Before the World Series, you can enjoy popular events like the Aussie's Millions, Megastack Challenge, and smaller events on the World Series of Poker circuit. These events air on a number of sports channels like ESPN and NBC Sports.

Poker is great to watch at sports bars that feature personal TVs at a table. You can really follow the hands and hop in on the action at any point.


Pro wrestling's version of the Super Bowl is simply known as Wrestlemania. This is a great event to watch with crowds. There are exciting matches, over-the-top moments, and appearances from some of the most popular wrestlers in the world. The main event of Wrestlemania is typically an incredible match, and the whole event provides nearly four hours of entertainment. At a bar and grill, it's fun to pick a wrestler and see if your choice wins when matched against other patrons'.

By trying out some of these new sports, you will have extra reasons to stop in and spend some extra time at the local sports bar. Try a place like Mugshots Burger N' Brew for a great time with friends.