5 Reasons Ordering Food Online Is Becoming More Popular Than Ordering By Phone

Home delivery has long been a convenient method for ordering a meal, but until recently most delivery orders were placed at the restaurant or over the phone. In the past five years, online ordering has taken a huge leap in popularity, and it is projected to surpass phone ordering in the near future. While you may occasionally order online, you may not be aware of all of the benefits that online ordering offers over placing your order over the phone. 

More Time to Consider Your Options

The internet offers a variety of communication styles including several options for asynchronous communication. As opposed to synchronous communication, asynchronous communication allows each participant to fully review the information provided and take their time in crafting a reply. When ordering food, an asynchronous system allows you to feel comfortable reviewing the menu, considering specials, crafting your order, and then reviewing it before submitting it to the restaurant. 

In contrast, the synchronicity of phone orders may make you feel rushed. Over the phone you may be less likely to explore your options and confirm that your order is correct. 

There Is a Record of Your Order 

When you place an order online, you get to provide the written record of your order. While there may be a written record when you order over the phone, if there is a mistake, there is no way to tell whether you ordered the wrong thing or the person taking your order put the wrong information into the system. By getting rid of the middle man, mistakes are less likely to be made and more likely to be compensated when they are discovered. 

This is also important if you have any allergies or special dietary needs within your order. Passing this information directly to the kitchen helps to ensure that your order is correct even if it is not a normal menu item. 

Watch the Progress of Your Order 

Many online ordering systems allow you to watch the progress of your food. This may include updates when your food is made, packaged, and sent out for delivery as well as an updated estimate for the time of delivery. This will allow you to finish other tasks and even leave your home without worrying about missing your order. In cold weather, you will have a better idea of when you have to put on shoes and a jacket to meet the delivery person at an outer gate without letting your food get cold as it waits for you. 

Make Sure Special Instructions Get to the Delivery Driver 

If you live in an area with a complicated parking situation or you need the order to be delivered to a certain door of your building, you can make sure that these special instructions are passed onto the driver. With a phone system, it is much more likely that the driver will have to call you for further information whereas an online system allows you to provide detailed instructions about your delivery. 

Clear Communication 

Talking on the phone is not always ideal. Restaurants can be loud, making it difficult for the person taking your order to hear. Additionally, depending on where you are you may not have excellent phone reception or there may be many people talking at once, which can make placing an order difficult. By typing your order, you can communicate more easily than over the phone. 

There are several reasons that online ordering is about to surpass phone ordering when it comes to take-out. In addition to the above benefits, online ordering is getting progressively easier and more interactive through the development of more smartphone and tablet applications.

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