Are You Planning A Special Birthday Celebration For Your Daughter?

Is your daughter having an extra-special birthday? Perhaps she is excited to be turning ten years old, finally having two digits in her age. Or, maybe your daughter is turning thirteen years old, thrilled to be a teenager. Sweet sixteen is for sure a reason to celebrate, as is turning twenty-one years old. Whatever your daughter's upcoming age, if you are planning a special birthday celebration for her, from sending out clever invitations to buying a custom birthday cake, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan an unforgettable event for the daughter who will always be Daddy's Girl. 

The Invitations - You could always call invitees on the phone, or you could even send an email invitation. However, isn't it a lot of fun to receive invitation in the mail? Using the good old postal system might help to set the tone that your daughter's birthday celebration will be a very significant one. For example, if your daughter is turning ten years old, the front of the invitation could have her name in the center with ten descriptions of her surrounding it. 

Include words like Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun, Beautiful, Sparkling, and Smart. If your daughter is older, say turning twenty-one years old, the invitation might be a more sophisticated one. For example, the front of the invitation might show a snazzy pair of high heels along with a pair of baby booties. The caption might read, She's All Grown Up Now! 

The Main Event - Of course, guests are coming to honor your daughter's birthday, but you'll probably want to have fun activities, and you'll want to serve special foods. As you plan the activities, think of what your daughter loves. For example, if your ten-year-old loves to skate, think of having the party at a skating rink. What kind of food does your daughter like? If she's all grown up, she might love it if you planned a fancy dinner with a dance that follows it.

Of course, your budget will more than likely help you to determine the activity and the food. The focal point of the meal will probably be the custom birthday cake you order. Fortunately, they come in all price ranges. Again, think of what your daughter loves and ask the baker to decorate it with that in mind. For example, if you have a little girl who loves animals, the cake can be custom decorated with animals as the focal point of the cake. If your grown-up daughter loves to travel, a mini-Eiffel tower might be part of the custom celebration cake. 

For more information on custom birthday cakes, contact your local cake shop.