Seven Creative Pizza Topping Combinations You Might Want To Try

If you want to jazz up your pizza tonight, try a creative pizza topping combination that will make for a meal that's unlike any pizza you've had before. Chances are, there are a lot of topping combinations you've never tried and are going to love.

Many people get in the bad habit of ordering the same thing on their pizza every time. Tonight, try mixing things up with one of the following seven creative pizza topping combinations:

Black olives with pineapple pieces

This combination offers both sweet and savory flavors in one pizza. Black olives with pineapple pieces is perfect for vegetarians who like a surprising and unusual flavor combination. 

Not only is the olive and pineapple combination flavorful, but it also makes for a colorful and aesthetically pleasing pizza. If possible, choose both black and green olives for even more color. 

Grilled chicken with red peppers and BBQ sauce

If you like the taste of barbecue chicken, you should definitely give this combination a try. Red peppers and barbecue sauce contribute the perfect complement to chicken pieces.

You can either order barbecue sauce if possible or put barbecue sauce on yourself when your pizza arrives. 

Bacon with pineapple pieces

You may have heard of the Hawaiian style ham and pineapple combination. However, bacon with pineapple can be just as tasty and exotic.

This is another combination of sweet and savory flavors. It also offers both a meat and a fruit addition to your pizza. Sweet pineapple counteracts meaty saltiness for a delicious pizza flavor. 

Green pepper, mushrooms, spinach and red onion

This is a great combination for vegetable lovers. If you like to cover your pizza with veggies, this is a great mix of diverse vegetables flavors and consistencies. Whether you're vegetarian or not, combining these four toppings will never fail to leave you coming back for another slice. 

Pepperoni with jalapeño peppers

Spicy food lovers should try combining pepperoni with jalapeño peppers. Pepperoni offers the spiciness and jalapeño peppers offer the hotness. Pour yourself a glass of water to prepare for this tasty pizza topping combination.

Anchovies with olives

Enjoy flavors from the Mediterranean with this salty combination. If you combine anchovies with olives, you'll also want to sprinkle some oregano over your pizza. It's also a good idea to order extra sauce if possible and finely sprinkle olive oil over pizza slices for some added flavor. 

Ground beef, cheddar, tomatoes, and pickles

This is the perfect pizza topping combination for cheeseburger lovers. Treat slices of pizza sporting this combination like you would a cheeseburger and top them accordingly. Give them a try with mustard, lettuce, onion, or even mayonnaise for even more cheeseburger tastiness. 

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